An entire business dedicated to olive oil? We know what you’re thinking…crazy, right? We understand, and actually, we thought it was crazy ourselves…until we realized a majority of our friends had never had the chance to indulge in 100% pure, REAL, extra virgin olive oil. Now before you click away or start rolling your eyes, hear us out.

Most people believe that all olive oil is created equally...which is incorrect. Extra virgin olive oil, for us, has been a staple in our Stamatopoulos family for centuries. We were, admittedly, spoiled in the olive oil department growing up. It wasn’t until we were much older when we realized what a gem our family’s estate-grown olive oil truly is. Many of our friends tried our olive oil and loudly proclaimed – repeatedly – we needed to “sell this stuff.” They had never experienced anything like it; even our olive oil connoisseur friends loved it. In fact, we went so far as to have our olive oil tested by the prestigious  Olive Oil Center at the University of California – Davis.  (In case you are wondering, they were floored by our results as well…find them here.)

Our family has been managing our olive estates – on both sides of our family – for hundreds of years. (If you’re interested, check out our map below to see the villages where our parents are from – and where our olive oil is harvested – in southwestern Greece.) The records go back for centuries, though we are positive it has probably been steadily running longer than that. In fact, the same exact traditions that have been used through the years are continued in our harvesting and bottling practices today.


At the end of the fall season, our treasured koroneiki olives are gently hand-picked from the trees. They are transferred, by hand, to a machine which spins them and separates the oil from the olives. The olives that go into our extra virgin olive oil are meticulously inspected, cleaned, and processed. We have never used chemical processing or refining, nor will we ever. Also, our extra virgin olive oil is mono-varietal, which means only one type of olive is used. Within four hours, the process is complete, and our delectable fresh-tasting olive oil is ready to be served.

Our first-cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil comes from a unique microclimate, located in the mountains of the Peloponnese in southwestern Greece near the Ionian Sea. This same location is where wild olives were first harvested over 6,000 years ago. 

We guarantee our extra virgin olive oil to be the most delicious, flavorful olive oil you have ever tried, or your money back. Crazy right? We know…and soon you’ll know just how crazy good our extra virgin olive oil truly is.