Generations in the making

The Stamatopoulos family has been crafting Greek extra virgin olive oil for hundreds of years. Our certified premium extra virgin olive oil starts as Koroneiki olives grown on our single-family estate in Greece's southwest Peloponnese. 
All of the olives are harvested by hand during the peak season and processed into olive oil within four hours. This process uses centuries-old techniques passed down through generations of our family.
Our premium Greek olive oil has been certified extra virgin by The Olive Center at UC Davis and is mono-varietal, unfiltered, first cold pressed, high in polyphenols, unrefined, and just plain exceptional. We never used chemicals or pesticides, either.
You won't find a better-tasting olive oil, guaranteed.
We are fully aware of the enormous olive oil fraud in the industry and love to answer questions about our extra virgin olive oil. Check out our FAQ page for more information regarding our certified extra virgin olive oil or feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.