FAQ: Unique Qualities

So what sets your olive oil apart from the store-bought brands?

Stamatopoulos & Sons extra virgin olive oil scored exceptionally high in the chemistry and sensory tests performed by The Olive Center at UC Davis. Our extra virgin olive oil has an extremely high polyphenol content, which means it boasts loads of healthy antioxidants. It also has an uncommonly low acidity content (0.19) which means an optimal climate produced olives that were healthy/fresh when picked and processed within a few hours.

Harvesting the olives by hand is a tedious act, which is why many olive oil companies use a machine to shake the trees and release olives. Our hand-picking method ensures no rancid olives are accidentally added to our oil, unlike other brands. This seals in our signature flavor and leaves a clean, fresh, taste on your tastebuds. 

Many store-bought brands are not 100 percent olive oil. In fact, a large number of them are cut with other oils such as canola, safflower, vegetable, and even corn to extend the olive oil. At Stamatopoulos & Sons, we have essentially a lifetime supply of olives and we pledge to never add anything to our precious extra virgin olive oil.