Filtered VS Unfiltered Olive Oil

Filtered VS Unfiltered Olive Oil

According to Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, Unfiltered oil is Olive oil that has not undergone filtration. The choice between unfiltered and filtered oil is mainly a matter of taste. While filtration does extend shelf life and appears to improve stability during storage, it may slightly reduce the intensity of tastes and aromas in certain oils. Among premium extra virgin olive oils, the consumer’s main choice is between the clarity and brilliance of filtered oils and the cloudy density of unfiltered oils.

"Olive sediment might accumulate in Stamatopoulos & Sons certified extra virgin olive oil because it is unfiltered and might appear slightly cloudy. It is important to note that olive oil appearing cloudy due to sediment (unfiltered olive oil) is different from olive oil that has been chilled or is somewhat cold in temperature. When the cool olive oil returns to room temperature, it returns to a liquid state. Unfiltered olive oil is fluid and can appear cloudy usually toward the bottom of the bottle."

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